Picture of Earnest Alexander, our founder.

A letter from one of the young men.

Nov. 9, 2020

Mr. Earnest, you’ve helped me in more ways than I can really list.  You brought me to the ranch and put your faith and trust in me.  For that I feel you’ve helped me mature in many different aspects of life, and I truly appreciate it.  I feel like all the time and money you’ve put into the ranch, has really benefitted us all.

Whether the others want to believe that or not, you were always nice to us.  You never lied about anything; you always talked with us with respect and when we requested it.  All around, you always helped put me in a better mood.  When we were doing good, you would take us to lunch—one-on-one.  I truly appreciate you and all the work you’ve done in making me a better person.

From one of the young men:
November 9, 2020

This email is explaining how our relationship helped me. The ways our relationship helped me was I felt like I had a father that cared and that would listen to what I had to say. Another way it helped me was I feel like I can have somebody to share my feelings and care. It helped me feel like I could do everything for him if he needed it. Our relationship helped me identify my actions good or bad and be a little wiser. Earnest  was there if I needed a safe place to go emotionally.

Roy Barr

November 10, 2020

EARNEST ALEXANDER. . . . .  I capitalized that name because of the respect I have for that man.  I met Earnest at River Community Church in about 2004.  He was such a big part of the church, that I knew I had to get to know him and why he had so many friends.

As I got to know him, I realized the love he had for my type—being a drug addict.  I had struggled for twenty years with addiction!  If it wasn’t for men like Earnest, it would be difficult to make it in this judgmental world.  Earnest loves you, no matter what you have been through.  Life gives you a deck of cards, and guys like Earnest teach you how to deal them. 
I am now sober, and have always said, through my ups and downs, “If I ever found my salvation, I would start a recovery home for addicts.”  I would not have this dream if I had not met Earnest.  To see his passion to help the less fortunate and his passion to help the kids of the less fortunate is inspiring.

I will always go to the things he has taught me, when I help others.  Just watching Earnest for so many years, help the people in this community has given me inspiration.  

I go to Cross Point Free-will Baptist Church, and I invited Earnest.  He came to visit one Sunday and so many people already knew him and had similar stories.  The most common thing I heard was “That man is your friend?  He is so respected in the community.”

So the time between the first time I walked into the church and now is sixteen years—and it’s the same way.  The way I saw people respond to Earnest sixteen years ago is the same way I see people respond now.

I hope some day to have a building to help addicts and I would name it after him—Alexander Recovery.